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High School
HS Unit III: Voices of Labor - Working People Organize, 1925-1930
Unit Vocabulary List
adjourn: break off temporarily
arbitration: settling of disputes
assemblages: gatherings
assemblages: gatherings
barbaric: uncivilized
canvassing: surveying, counting
community of interest: people with shared interest
comprised: made up
conference: discussion
congregated: gathered
corporation house: employer owned housing
curtail: limit
deputed: delegated, assigned
discharged: fired
encroachments: infringements, intrustions, violations
estate: property
exploitation: the taking advantage of; making a profit from
expose: public revelation
forbear: abstain, hold back
inception: beginning
induce: persuade, convince
made up: made
Molly Stark: Revolutionary War heroine, who nursed soldiers during smallpox epidemic
obsess: think about something all the time
operative: worker
oppression: the act of keeping people down, crushing them, acting tyrannically
peart: lively, cheerful
piety: devotion to God
pique: feeling of resentment
reduction: lowering, cut
refrained: held back
scab: someone who breaks a strike by working or crossing a picket line
severe handling: criticism
solicit: encourage
solidarity: unity
tyranny: cruel and arbitrary use of authority
unorganized: not belonging to a labor union
vindicate: clear of blame