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September 14, 1716: Boston Lighthouse Lit for the First Time

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Globe Publishes First "Confidential Chat": May 11, 1884
On this day in 1884, The Boston Globe published the first "Housekeepers Column," known since 1922 as "Confidential Chat."...

Agrippa Hull Enlists: May 1, 1777
On this day in 1777, Agrippa Hull, a freeborn black man from the Berkshire County town of Stockbridge, signed on to serve in the Continental Army for...

Boston's Poor Riot Over Cost of Bread: May 19, 1713
On this day in 1713, more than 200 people rioted on Boston Common over the high price of bread. The lieutenant governor tried to intervene but was shot...

Dam Breaks, Causing Catastrophic Flood: May 16, 1874
On this day in 1874, on the Mill River in western Massachusetts, an earthenwork dam gave way. A wall of water between 20- and 40-feet high and 300-feet...

Jury Finds Mary Parsons Not Guilty of Witchcraft: May 13, 1675
On this day in 1675, a Boston jury reached a verdict in the case of Mary Bliss Parsons of Northampton: they found her not guilty of witchcraft. In seventeenth-century...

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