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Author Time for 21st Century Response

Terry Crawford Palardy
Joined: Oct 2014
Mar 20, 2016 12:23   modified on Mar 20, 2016 12:25

My dad was a district chief for the Boston Fire Department in the third quarter of the twentieth century. He'd been born and raised in Boston, and was very proud of his beloved city. His career started in the year of the Coconut Grove fire, and ended not long after the Vendome. Dad was a young child when the Molasses Flood occured, and he was in his final coma when the NY World Trade Center towers fell.

Dad was a strong advocate for safe training, gear and apparatus for his brother firefighters. How sad that, more than a decade after his own death in 2001, two of 'his brothers' died because of equipment failure on Beacon Street. I know that WPI students are now working on improving the fire resistance of hoses ... He would be grateful for that initiative. I wish them Godspeed in their work.

Terry Crawford Palardy
Retired Public School Teacher
Andover Public Schools, Massachusetts

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